ClearHealth Quality Institute Seeks Volunteers for Accreditation Committee
Committee to Support Telemedicine and Mental Health Parity Accreditation Programs

Annapolis, MD / February 13, 2018 – ClearHealth Quality InstituteTM (CHQI) – a new accreditation organization that develops and promotes quality standards in health care by leveraging value-based purchasing metrics – seeks volunteer members to join its new Accreditation Committee.

The CHQI Accreditation Committee will be instrumental in the launch of several CHQI programs this year, including the Telemedicine Accreditation Program, version 2.0, for telemedicine providers, and the Mental Health Parity Accreditation Program, version 1.0, for health insurers. The Telemedicine Accreditation Program – which is being developed in collaboration with the American Telemedicine Association – is slated for launch in March 2018.

The CHQI Accreditation Committee will represent a diverse group of expert stakeholders, including health insurers, regulators, industry leaders, employers, health care providers, and consumer advocates, and will decide whether applicants’ confidential submissions meet CHQI’s exacting but fair accreditation standards.

“The composition and responsibilities of the Accreditation Committee are at the core of the self-regulation process. The Committee will represent a broad cross section of the health care industry, from providers to consumers,” said Joel V. Brill, MD, FACP, CHQI Advisory Board Chair and Chief Medical Officer, Predictive Health. “Through impartial decision-making, the Accreditation Committee will play a vital role in fulfilling CHQI’s mission to foster positive change in health care through accreditation.”

“The CHQI Accreditation Committee provides an important peer review function to ensure that front-line reviewers apply standards carefully and consistently for each organization,” stated Bill Lewis, MD, MBA, CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee Co-Chair and national telemedicine expert.  “Under CHQI policies, each accreditation applicant is treated fairly and may appeal any negative decision, first to the Accreditation Committee and then to the CHQI Advisory Board.”

To volunteer for the CHQI Accreditation Committee, or to nominate someone, please email name, contact information and a brief bio to Brooke Byloff at by February 28, 2018. The CHQI Accreditation Committee will likely meet at least once a month to review current accreditation applications.

To obtain more information about CHQI accreditation programs, please contact Lauren Neuvel, Director of Sales and Marketing, at (410) 696-7634 or via email at

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About ClearHealth Quality Institute (CHQI)

ClearHealth Quality Institute’s (CHQI) mission is to promote quality-based practices for health plans, providers and other stakeholders across the United States and its territories. Our accreditation and certification programs help assess, track and report on trends to enhance key insurance and provider outcomes. CHQI also offers educational programs, publishes issue briefs and underwrites research to raise awareness of patient safety issues and promote best practices. The organization is governed by an independent board and committee system, which is open to a wide range of volunteer members to ensure transparency and accountability. CHQI provides resources to serve patients, providers, payers, government agencies, and other stakeholder groups. To learn more about CHQI, please contact us at (410) 696-7634,, or visit

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