First Wave of CHQI Telemedicine Accredited Organizations: Making a Difference

Since ClearHealth Quality Institute (CHQI) took over the American Telemedicine Accreditation’s (ATA) Accreditation Program for Online Patient Consultations last year, we have embarked on quite a journey in developing and launching the new CHQI Telemedicine Accreditation Program (TAP).

By leveraging CHQI’s independence as a third-party accreditation agency and by maximizing ATA’s 25 years of telemedicine experience, we have worked together to establish the premier set of quality standards for telemedicine and telehealth programs.

Last week, we announced the first wave of telemedicine accredited organizations.  In addition, we currently have more than a dozen additional organizations that are in the application process and are speaking with more than 100 additional organizations that are providing telemedicine services.

Here are five quick insights into what we have learned from the first wave of applicants and their accreditation review processes:

  1. Organizational Diversity. Organizations that have applied or are considering applying represent a diverse spectrum of healthcare organizations ranging from large health systems to specialty organizations to purely telemedicine providers.  It is exciting to see how CHQI is standardizing key areas of operations for a range of different healthcare offerings.
  2. Dynamic Standards. The TAP Standards were drafted to incorporate the full range of telemedicine and telehealth services which include a range of delivery models (i.e. Consumer to Provider, Provider to Consumer, and Provider to Provider) and cover specific service lines (such as medical triage, mental health and tele-stroke).  We are excited that based on feedback, demand, and industry evolvement, CHQI will continue building upon this ecosystem with new standards development activities that will soon cover the National Quality Forum (NQF) recommended telehealth outcomes, remote patient monitoring solutions and international telemedicine programs.
  3. Quality Improvement. All organizations that are going through the accreditation review process (or have completed the accreditation application) have made key quality improvement updates to their operations based upon the CHQI feedback loops that are integral to the normal accreditation review process.
  4. Value-Based Purchasing. The TAP Standards provide a launching pad to promote accountability and transparency.  Both public and private payers want to see the clinical and financial benefits of telemedicine program offerings.  CHQI’s telemedicine accreditation seal is an important first step to promote value-based purchasing.
  5. Implementing Real Change. As part of its mission, CHQI is focused on transforming the telemedicine industry and making real change.  CHQI’s accreditation review process is both collaborative and rigorous.  CHQI reviewers have been, and will continue to, roll up their sleeves and work with each applicant in a customized fashion to effectuate real change. We’ve been delighted how beneficial applicants have felt this process has been and are passionate about continuing to help organizations realize improved quality and better patient outcomes.

Telemedicine provides an opportunity to improve healthcare access for millions of Americans.  We are excited that CHQI can serve as a conduit to promote best practices within this emerging, rapidly-growing and every-changing field.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions at or 410-756-1300.    

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