Foley & Lardner Attorneys Become CHQI Recognized Consultants Under its Telemedicine Accreditation Program

Annapolis, MD / February 19, 2019 – ClearHealth Quality InstituteTM (CHQI) has identified Emily Wein and Alan Einhorn, both of counsels to Foley & Lardner LLP, as Recognized Consultants. The CHQI Recognized Consultant Program trains third-parties to assist organizations, such as telemedicine and digital health companies, interested in pursuing CHQI accreditation.

Ms. Wein and Mr. Einhorn are part of Foley’s Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team and its national health care industry team. CHQI is an independent health care accrediting body that offers the only telemedicine or telehealth accreditation program backed by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

“We are delighted to have Emily Wein and Alan Einhorn join the CHQI Recognized Consultant Program,” said Michael Gomes, CHQI’s CEO. “The depth and experience of Foley’s Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team is impressive, and we are confident that clients will greatly benefit from their ability to prepare and guide organizations through the CHQI Telemedicine Accreditation Program application.”

“We are committed to helping clients remain at the forefront of healthcare delivery,” said Ms. Wein. “The accreditation preparation and application process is an effective and efficient way for organizations to identify and mitigate risk to both patients and themselves, and to make real improvements in how telemedicine programs are designed, maintained and upgraded. We are pleased to have been designated as CHQI Recognized Consultants and look forward to helping our clients achieve CHQI Telemedicine Accreditation.”

“CHQI is excited about Ms. Wein and Mr. Einhorn due to their relevant experience in the telemedicine industry,” notes Garry Carneal, JD, CHQI Founder. “Ms. Wein previously served on the CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee during inception in 2017. She was integral in developing the accreditation process as CHQI was drafting and beta testing the Telemedicine Accreditation Program Standards and Guide. Ms. Wein will be able to provide helpful guidance to telemedicine companies and providers seeking to apply for CHQI Telemedicine Accreditation.”  Mr. Carneal added, “Mr. Einhorn’s years of experience advising health care providers regarding credentialing and accreditation matters will be of extreme value to accreditation applicants.”

Since launching the CHQI Telemedicine Accreditation Program in April 2018, CHQI has accredited six organizations. In addition, more than 20 organizations have begun their application process.

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About Foley & Lardner LLP
Foley & Lardner LLP looks beyond the law to focus on the constantly evolving demands facing our clients and their industries. With over 1,100 lawyers in 24 offices across the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia, Foley approaches client service by first understanding our clients’ priorities, objectives, and challenges.

Foley’s Digital Health and Telemedicine Industry Team helps clients embrace emerging issues in telemedicine, helping them to provide innovative care for patients in new markets around the block and around the world. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to assist with telemedicine program assessment, development and implementation; nursing hotlines and pharmacy call centers; and multi-state, web-based health care tools and services. For more information on telemedicine, telehealth, virtual care, remote patient monitoring, digital health, and other health innovations, visit Foley’s Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team website.

About ClearHealth Quality Institute™ (CHQI)
Founded upon the principles of accountability, integrity, and quality, ClearHealth Quality Institute’s (CHQI) goal is to create innovative accreditation programs and compliance solutions that improve the health insurance and provider systems of care. CHQI’s Telemedicine Accreditation Program and Mental Health Parity/Substance Use Disorder Accreditation Program collectively accredit the nation’s leading health plans, health systems, and telemedicine organizations. CHQI is governed by an independent board and committee system, which is open to a wide range of volunteer members to ensure transparency and accountability. To learn more about CHQI, please contact (410) 756-1300,, or visit

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