Just Announced: Fall 2018 Telemedicine Accreditation Workshops

Two of telemedicine’s biggest and best conferences take place each fall and this year, CHQI is proud to offer a complimentary Telemedicine Accreditation Workshop at each one: the American Telemedicine Association EDGE 18 Conference and the Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Summit (SPS).

Why attend an in-person workshop?

– Learn the value of the telemedicine accreditation, including how it can improve quality and outcomes, mitigate risk, and serve as a differentiator.
– Receive a step-by-step overview of the accreditation application process.
– Gain an in-depth understanding of each accreditation standard.
– Receive practical tips for developing a successful accreditation application.
– Ask accreditation experts any questions you may have.

Register today for either complimentary workshop (the EDGE Conference requires conference registration; the SPS Conference does not) and use the links below to learn more about each conference.

American Telemedicine Association EDGE 18 Conference
September 26, 2018 in Austin, TX

The purpose of EDGE is to help attendees innovate, think bigger, and learn from each other. The EDGE 2018 theme is how to begin defining (or refining) an organizations’ growth strategy to incorporate telehealth. Through a series of short talks and interactive sessions, speakers will respond to questions like “what is the promise of innovative technology?”, “what is the pathway to success?” and “how does each piece fit together?”

Austin, Texas

Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Summit (SPS)
October 7, 2018 in Glendale, AZ

The 4th National Telemedicine & Telehealth Service Provider Summit (SPS) is an annual, national conference focused on helping decision-makers from healthcare organizations understand how to form successful telehealth programs and partnerships. SPS features talks and panels with nationally recognized telehealth experts, ample networking opportunities, and an expo hall showcasing the latest in clinical telehealth services and technology.

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