mHealth Intelligence: CHQI Launches ATA-Endorsed Telemedicine Accreditation Program

ClearHealth Quality Institute (CHQI) recently announced that it is accepting applicants for its newly unveiled Telemedicine Accreditation Program (TAP), the only telemedicine accreditation program endorsed by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

TAP’s goal is to promote access to safe, quality, and competent healthcare regardless of the telemedicine model, modality, or the type of clinical services provided to patients. To achieve this, TAP measures applicants in several core performance areas, including professional oversight, quality and patient safety, clinical workflows, and risk management.

Organizations that receive CHQI accreditation for their telemedicine programs and services will demonstrate that they operate within generally accepted clinical guidelines for telemedicine to ensure safety and quality. The TAP accreditation seal will also provide consumers with an easily identifiable confirmation of quality from an independent accrediting body.

CHQI partnered with ATA in May 2017 to develop the next generation of telemedicine standards. The collaboration aimed to update and expand the standards set in ATA’s Accreditation Program for Online Patient Consultations, which was established in 2015.

With the support of ATA, the CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee refined the standards and expanded the scope of the program to include all forms of telemedicine delivery and modalities, including consumer-to-provider, provider-to-consumer, and provider-to-provider.

The Committee established the TAP standards in conjunction with leading experts in the field, and based the standards on clinical guidelines, expert consensus, and laws and regulations.

“The CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee, comprised of relevant stakeholders such as providers, regulators, payers, consumers and technology companies, thoroughly vetted the TAP standards to ensure they are the most comprehensive set of national accreditation measures for assessing the quality and safety of telemedicine programs and services,” said Alexis Gilroy, JD, Partner, Jones Day, Co-Chair, CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee, and ATA Board Member.

Gilroy also noted that these efforts included a public comment period, which allowed the committee to receive input from numerous individuals and organizations, including medical societies, regulators, and consumers.

“The importance of receiving feedback from a wide array of stakeholders cannot be understated,” Gilroy said at the time. “It is critical to ensure that the accreditation standards reflect both best practices and thought leadership within the telemedicine industry.”

Committee members also conducted a beta test cycle with several organizations. The standards were then revised and approved by the Telemedicine Standards Committee and both CHQI and ATA’s Advisory Boards.

The Standards Committee will continue to update the TAP Program Standards and Guide and develop new telemedicine accreditation modules. CHQI is also in the process of developing additional accreditation programs to further promote quality healthcare.

“CHQI is supporting a value-based, accountable care health system by offering innovative accreditation, compliance monitoring, and outcomes measurement programs,” said Joel V. Brill, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer, Predictive Health and CHQI Advisory Board Chair.

CHQI telemedicine accreditation is available to organizations operating in the US that are directly involved in providing all types of telemedicine programs and services. Any organization that is interested in applying for accreditation must first register with CHQI and determined to be eligible for the program.

All accreditation decisions are made by the CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee.

For more information on CHQI’s Telemedicine Accreditation Program and to apply, click here.

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