Telemedicine Accreditation Program Standards and Guide

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The Telemedicine Accreditation Program Standards and Guide offers interpretive guidelines to assist applicants in determining the best way to document compliance with a specific accreditation standard within each key performance area.

The Standards are broken up into three sections: Core Standards, Modular Standards, and Outcomes Supplement Standards.

The Core Standards provide the baseline requirements to become accredited.

  • Business Requirements
  • Professional Oversight
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Clinical Workflows
  • Risk Management

The Modular Standards, each covering a different delivery model, discuss key delivery issues associated with each type of telemedicine encounter, including measurable service quality outcomes. Applicants must apply for at least one of the three Modules.

  • Consumer-to-Provider (C2P)
  • Provider-to-Consumer (P2C)
  • Provider-to-Provider (P2P)

The Outcomes Supplement Standards provide best practices for building, implementing and maintaining a telemedicine outcomes program. Five measurement categories are covered:

  • Access to Care Measurement
  • Clinical Effectiveness Measurement
  • Clinical Experience/Satisfaction Measurement
  • Financial Impact Measurement
  • Operations Measurement

At what part during the accreditation process do applicant organizations receive a copy of the standards?

Once approved to apply for accreditation and payment is received, eligible organizations will receive a copy of the Telemedicine Standards and Guide.

If I purchase the standards and then decide to apply for accreditation, should I apply for a refund?

If an organization purchases the standards and decides to apply for accreditation later, the purchase price of the standards will be deducted from the application fees assessed once an organization is deemed eligible to apply.

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