Accreditation Programs

ClearHealth Quality Institute accreditation programs are designed to facilitate accountability, integrity, and quality for organizations seeking recognition through one its programs. Accreditation programs focus exclusively on existing and emerging practices in the healthcare sector and will encompass many facets of clinical service, delivery operations, and regulatory/compliance requirements for insurers, regulators, and provider organizations. All accreditation programs require a commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance by applicants, which also serves as a further commitment to the stakeholders impacted by their programs, services, and decisions.

Several programs are under development at this time,  but CHQI will be offering two specific accreditation programs in the next several months which exemplify CHQI’s commitment to its core values: accountability, integrity, and quality. More information about each specific program is provided below:

Mental Health Parity Accreditation Program—The Mental Health Parity Accreditation program is designed to help update and create a more effective approach to ensuring payers/insurers are meeting expected parity requirements and have also established appropriate due process protections when adverse benefit determinations are made impacting consumers/patients.The Parity Accreditation program establishes a quality assurance framework to addresses existing disparities and gaps in existing parity compliance programs to create minimum standards for insurers reimbursing for related services. In addition to the core standards for these types of programs, the Parity Accreditation Program also requires applicants to demonstrate compliance with specific parity related standards, including but not limited to: Benefit Classifications, QTLs, NQTLs, Parity Violations, Timeframes, Delegation Oversight, and others.

Telemedicine Accreditation Programs–As a result of a new strategic partnership, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) transferred total management and control over the day-to-day operations of its Online Patient Consultation Accreditation Program for real-time direct-to-consumer telemedicine services. All programs originally accredited through the ATA program will remain accredited by CHQI. The Online Patient Consultation Accreditation Program will be undergoing an expansion of scope in the next several months to represent the diverse delivery models and emerging clinical services. Consistent with other CHQI programs, organizations will be required to meet a core set of standards as well as specific standards unique to various telemedicine delivery models and specific clinical services.