ConeBeam CT Accreditation

Welcome to the ClearHealth Quality Institute (CHQI) Cone Beam CT Accreditation Program

CHQI is creating the Cone Beam CT Accreditation Program to provide standards for quality and safety in the performance of Cone Beam CT for dental, ENT, extremity and breast imaging. These include quality and physics standards to help ensure that patient studies are performed appropriately and with radiation doses as low as reasonably achievable. Cone Beam CT accreditation will promote quality, evidence-based practices, standardization, business efficiencies and regulatory compliance – among other benefits.

CHQI is working closely with national physics experts, clinical and administrative domain experts, industry representatives, regulators, consumers and others to develop a next generation of standards with an emphasis on patient safety and continuous quality improvement.

CHQI’s Cone Beam CT Standards Committee brings together provider, industry and consumer representatives who are diligently working to develop standards to help the Cone Beam CT providers and manufactures improve operations and achieve compliance efficiencies, while promoting transparency and fairness.

CHQI strives to ensure that our accreditation seal will be meaningful to stakeholders across the health care spectrum, including consumers, insurers, employers, providers, regulators, and policy makers. Your feedback is very important to us, and we are confident that it will make the Cone Beam CT Accreditation Standards better.

A launch date of this exciting new program is scheduled for summer 2018. Stay tuned for details.


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