Recognized Consultants

The CHQI Recognized Consultant Program trains third-parties to assist organizations interested in pursuing CHQI accreditation. Each consultant listed below has completed the required training and testing necessary to be deemed a CHQI Recognized Consultant.

CHQI will not endorse one recognized Consultant over another, and does not receive any payments for referrals. If you are interested in becoming a CHQI Recognized Consultant, please email

Mental Health Parity/Substance Use Disorder Accreditation Program

Jeff Brown, JD
Phone: 860-837-3926

Helaine Fingold, JD
Phone: 443-663-1354

Samuel Nussbaum, M.D.
Phone: 202-861-1874

David Shillcutt, JD
Phone: 202-861-1877


Thomas G. Goddard
Phone: 202-649-0321


Telemedicine Accreditation Program

Michelle Hager
Phone: 800-380-8155 ext.115

Judy Triano
Phone: 540-550-0667


Alan H. Einhorn, JD
Phone: 617-342-4094

Emily H. Wein, JD
Phone: 202-295-4041


Todd McDonagh
Phone: 978-886-1054

Lorraine Ludwigsen
Phone: 845-551-9193

Thomas G. Goddard
Phone: 202-649-0321

Lesley Malus Reed
Phone: 703-528-2205

Susan DeMarino
Phone: 724-972-6938