Understanding the Benefits of Accreditation 101

Accreditation programs currently exist for health care organizations, education institutions, and public health departments, among other groups.

It’s safe to say most would agree that accreditation is a good idea.  But why should organizations consider spending time and money on the accreditation process?  What organizational and financial benefits could they receive as a result of accreditation?

Accreditation from an independent, third-party accrediting body can benefit organizations in a variety of ways:

  1. Offers a Seal of Approval: Provides consumers with an easy-to-identify confirmation of quality.
  2. Enhances Consumer Experience: Successfully launched, standardized, and supported telehealth programs improve consumer loyalty and drive higher levels of satisfaction.
  3. Strengthens Best Practices: Accreditation promotes the use of evidence-based clinical pathways through telemedicine encounters.
  4. Increases Efficiency: Provides a cost-effective mechanism to streamline telehealth delivery.
  5. Creates Standardization: Promotes standardized telehealth delivery, allowing for significant improvements in operational efficiency.
  6. Fosters Professional Oversight: Encourages professional development standards to be maintained at all levels of the organization interfacing with telehealth services.
  7. Supports Risk Management: Identifies and mitigates risk to the patient and the organization.
  8. Streamlines Workflow Management: Provides an avenue for telemedicine organizations to document their workflows, risk management programs, quality assurance activities, etc.
  9. Encourages Innovation: Encourages all applicants to make real improvements in how telemedicine programs are designed, implemented, maintained and updated.
  10. Promotes Transparency: Utilizes clear benchmarks that provide a navigational roadmap to move the practice of telemedicine forward.

These 10 benefits apply to CHQI’s accreditation programs, including the new Telemedicine Accreditation Program, which was launched earlier this spring.

To learn more about this new program, please sign up for CHQI’s May 17 complimentary webinar, “Telemedicine Accreditation as a Catalyst for Improving Clinical, Operational, and Patient Outcomes,” which will examine these concepts and more.  Panelists include:

  • Til Jolly, MD, Chief Medical Officer, SOC Telemed
  • Kevin Smith, Chief Medical Information Officer, Zipnosis
  • Emily Wein, Esq., Baker Donelson Shareholder
  • Bill Lewis, MD, Principal, WellMedCare, CHQI Telemedicine Standards Committee Co-Chair
  • Moderator: Rich Bakalar, MD, FATA, VP and Chief Strategy Officer, ViTel Net, ATA Past President, CHQI Advisory Board of Directors

For more information or to register, click here.

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